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Adam LZ’s Full 26 Car Collection Tour in 2022


Adam LZ’s Full 26 Car Collection Tour in 2022

Adam LZ has been one of the biggest automotive YouTube car content creators for quite a while. In 2022, Adam LZ amassed a bigger collection and in this video, Adam goes through every car to explain what modifications he did to them, what their purpose is, and just talks about how cool some of these are.

Before the video, Adam spent time to warm up each and every car. He also said each car runs on Ethanol.


Adam’s Purple R34 GTR V-Spec doesn’t fail to impress. Super clean, beautiful color and well taken care of. The car has a pretty stock interior, but the magic happens under the hood. Full custom equal length downpipe, HKS V-Cam, Forged 2.6 that makes 68- WHP.

Toyota Supra SZR (JDM Right Hand Drive) Royal Sapphire

The Supra has TE37s with Recaro seats and not too many mods. It’s a turbo setup on a non turbo motor.

RTR Spec 5 Mustang

This is a widebody supercharged Mustang that makes around 600whp and is about the same as it would be if you ordered an RTR build.

Porsche 992 Turbo S

Red interior, carbon roof and aero kit make this 992 Turbo S simply beautiful! JCR Titanium Exhaust, lowering springs and tune make this 992 Turbo S unique. Adam also put Pilot Sport Cup 2’s on it to make it super sticky and give a GT3 a run for its money. With that said, Adam would rather have his old GT3.

This was Adam’s spiritual replacement 992 after his GT3 RS was crashed into by a truck.

Corvette C4 – Green w/ Widebody and RB25 Swap

This Corvette C4 makes around 400whp and is Drift HQ Green. Interior looks stock, brown, and original. This car has coilovers and is on heritage wheels which resemble the OEM C4 wheels – this Corvette is a real head turner!

Nissan 240SX S13 w/ SR20DET in Cream

This car gave Adam his start and got him going to where he is today. Adam bought this car and installed Sparco seats as one of this first mods and learned everything he knows by getting started with this forged SR20 S13. This car makes around 500whp and is full of character.

Nissan 350Z “Old Girl”

This stock body 350Z is one of Adam’s favorites because Adam likes the mentality of simple is better, because it never breaks. This car gave Adam most of his progression as a driver, and 350Z is Adam always recommends these to learn drifting. No cage with Sparco seats and has a harness bar. Also has dual Mishimoto coolers in the front bumper.

Laguna Seca Blue BMW E46 M3

This LSB E46 M3 features a CSL Front Bumper, white TE37 wheels, CSL trunk, Brembo big brakes and a carbon CSL style Turner intake. Laguna Seca Blue M3’s usually came with a gray interior, but Adam’s had a black interior which he later swapped for speed cloth. Adam took his car to RK Tunes where they did the “Big 3” of welded subrame, vanos bulletproofing and replacement rod bearings.

Adam originally got this LSB E46 M3 as a giveaway car but ended up using the parts he bought for this car on different car. So he still has this one and might still use it as a giveaway car. However, he said if he does that he will replace it with another Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 as that for him is a forever car.

JZ100 Chaser (Adam LZ’s current favorite car)

Adam loves the 750hp 2JZ motor that powers this practical sedan. Adam says this car is faster than his 992 Turbo S.

Nismo Nissan 370Z Drift HQ Giveaway Car

FDF Angle Kit with race seats and a drift hand brake. The 370Z is wrapped in Maritime Blue and sounds fantastic. This car giveaway is over on Christmas day.

Nissan R33 GTS-T with RB26

LZMFG giveaway car. Regamaster wheels, Brembo brakes and an engine bay restoration make this car just stunning.

JZX100 Chaser in Yellow

Originally white, then brown, and now yellow. This unique RHD (Right Hand Drive) car was totalled then brought back to life by Adam. Travelling from California to Florida and stopping off at racetracks in between was one of Adam’s favorite memories. This car makes about 500whp on Ethanol.

BMW E46 Sedan

This was actually Adam’s very first car. Adam sold this car and then was able to find it and buy it back. This was an automatic 325i but Adam converted it to 6 speed manual. This car has an S54 swap and will have a HPF turbo with a fully built motor when complete. It’s completely E46 M3 underneath as well.

Can Am Maverick X3 XDS

Not sure if this qualifies as a car, but it’s certainly priced as one. This is a highly modified Can Am Maverick and features race seats, race steering wheel and various other goodies. Suspension spring updates, custom roll cage, and a forged higher compression cam’d motor with a bigger turbo.

2019 Ford F350 with over 100,000 towing miles

This is Adam’s trusty tow rig and is used to tow all of his cars. Platinum Dually with Signature Forged wheels and a leveling kit.

BMW E36 325is

This BMW E36 has a full evo drivetrain swap with an S50 that only came in Euro M3 cars. Besides a Sparco driver seat, the interior is stock.

BMW E92 335i

This is the car that gave Adam motivation to start a YouTube channel and is the car that made me discover Adam LZ back many years ago. Adam use to make BMX videos while driving this car to various skate parks. This N54 makes 700whp with a triple disc clutch. Big Brembo kit with titanium exhaust rounds off the mods.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

This was a normal GT350 that Adam bought to have a Turo rental car. However, after getting the GT350, Adam realized how fun this car was and decided not to Turo it anymore. After the engine caught fire, Adam decided to put in a Ford Barra engine that is forged with a big turbo. Adam topped it off with an amazing sequential transmission.

Nissan 370Z with Insane Twin Turbo engine

Adam, when taking a shower one day (with high water pressure might I add), decided to add a crazy over hood turbo setup that reminded him of the builds Cleetus does with his LS motors. This thing definitely looks and sounds insane! This motor made 700whp on a stock VQ motor, which the motor didn’t like. This is Adam’s car that has no purpose except for burnouts and content.

Nissan Silvia S15

This SR20 S15 was a relatively recent purchase. Apparently, this car was a former Fast & Furious car that was crashed, and ended up with Adam. This car has a VERTEX Edge Wide Body kit.

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Sedan

This was Adam’s first right hand drive car, and it has an RB25 with RB26 covers and cams. This is Adam’s fastest car from a roll and makes about 820whp. Various Nismo bits make this car more unique and has a special tune with rolling anti lag.

Honda CRX

This is a super clean B18C1 GSR Swapped Honda CRX with an SiR front end. This car is the BC Racing branded compound car and was built with most of. The parts the car came with when Adam purchased it. Full gutted interior and race cage finish this car off. This car has an LSD with Skunk2 induction parts. This car got some of the most Instagram likes when Adam posted it. Very popular car!

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5

MAPerformance built motor, endless brakes and slicks make this one beautifully build Lancer EVO. G25 660 with standalone on Ethanol make this Evo very fast. Cusco diff helps the car put down the power.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6.5 TME RS

Adam got this car very cheap because no one wanted it due to the roll cage. However, this rare car still has the 4G63 and with stock ECU makes roughly 400hp on Ethanol. Adam has done some all wheel drive drifts that must be seen. The car used to be white, but was wrapped to red livery. Adam wants to build this car for #GRIDLIFE.

Drift HQ E36

This E36 has a 3.4 Stroker 2JZ swap and was one of Adam’s first true track builds. The car has a digital dash and ECUMASTERS ECU. Fully built track car with bash bars.

FD S15

This used to be a 3.4 but was rebuilt as a 3.0. This is going to be a special occasion race car, but Adam prefers to drive the E36.

Street Hunter Widebody A90 Supra with 4 Rotor Swap

Bought damaged, but repaired and built to be a super fun race car. Check out the incredible 4 Rotor Mazda motor and sequential transmission in the video!

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