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7 cool things about the new Ford Bronco Riptide for Surfers

7 cool things about the new Ford Bronco Riptide for Surfers

Ford is attacking the Jeep Wrangler from all angles, and now it’s attacking an angle that many manufacturers tend to ignore – surfers!

Primarily built for those who crave the outdoors, going to the beach and other similar adventures, the new Ford Bronco Riptide is designed for you. Coming from the factory with a ton of OEM accessories, this Bronco features some amazing specs and incredibly cool features. Check them out below:

  1. Meant to be driven with its top off – The 2021 Bronco Riptide can’t be a proper beach-goer with a top, so the top is removable to give you a true open air experience. Some have noted that the factory top (produced by an outside company) has many rattles and squeaks, you won’t need to worry about that with the Riptide.
  2. Can remove the doors – What’s cooler than a Bronco with no top? How about a Bronco with no doors! Ford has tubular doors in place that give you the feel of open doors but with some safety of a system that keeps you in place when the roads get rough.
  3. Surfboard Mount – What would a proper beach adventure vehicle be if there was no where to mount your surfboard? Ford is taking care of that and providing a mount that can hold two almond boards
  4. Bring your bikes – Don’t want to surf today? Would rather ride your bike along the beach or on a trail? You can now do so with a Yakima bike rack that fits like OEM – because it is! This bike rack can hold a few mountain bikes and let you take your adventures on trails the Bronco won’t fit.
  5. Light the way – Adventures don’t only have to be in the day. When it gets dark, the Bronco Riptide has a full LED lightbar by Rigid Industries and mirror mounted trail lights to help you see where you’re going.
  6. Bigger is better – The Riptide takes some upgrades from the Sasquatch package and gives you awesome looking 35 inch MT tires wrapped on 17″ wheels with Ford Performance beadlock rings to keep things in line when you air down.
  7. Traction is king – When the going gets tough, the Bronco Riptide gives you front and rear locking differentials from a Dana AdvanTEK electronic locker.

The new Bronco Riptide is going to be a hit. It touches on all the things the adventure driven buyer is looking for in a cool, modern retro package. I can’t wait to drive this thing!

Who else likes this Bronco trim? I’m sure there are going to be more trims coming out, but this one seems pretty cool!

Watch out Jeep!

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