It’s back! 2022 Ford F250/F350 Roush Super Duty

There is arguably no Ford aftermarket tuner that is more popular than Roush. Backed by a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty, Roush enthusiasts know their parts are high quality, perform like OEM and are some of the best on the market. The new 2022 Roush is available as a F250 or F350 and with aContinue reading “It’s back! 2022 Ford F250/F350 Roush Super Duty”

2022 Acura Integra – It’s back!

The Acura Integra is making a comeback! The last year the Acura Integra was available in the United States was in 2001, so we’ve been without an Integra for over 20 years. Considering how popular the last generation Integra was, it’s amazing to me that Acura discontinued this model. Well, Acura has decided that thereContinue reading “2022 Acura Integra – It’s back!”