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VW Golf GTI MK8 Exhaust by Rev9


VW Golf GTI MK8 Exhaust by Rev9

It didn’t take long for Rev9 to create a new exhaust system for the new MK8 Golf GTI, and rightfully so. If the past is any indication of the future, this is going to be a popular platform for VW enthusiasts. The MK8 Golf GTI features the stout 2.0T motor that fans have grown to love. The factory exhaust leaves much to be desired, and is far too quiet for most people, so naturally one of the first mods for the MK8 (besides suspension!) is going to be a catback exhaust.

In comes the new Rev9 catback exhaust in two flavors – one without mufflers and one with high flow mufflers. For those who want to be heard before they’re seen, the mufflerless catback exhaust option is going to be the most popular. For those who are going to also get a catless downpipe and other modifications, the high flow muffler version might be better, to keep the noise down on the race track.

Above: The mufflerless catback exhaust for the MK8 Golf GTI, features dual resonators to keep the rasp down.

If you’re looking for something that has the aftermarket performance exhaust sound, but not TOO much sound, you might be more interested in the version with high flow mufflers. See below:

Above: High flow mufflers give this MK8 Golf GTI exhaust a bit more of a mellow tone.

We’re looking for a sound clip of this exhaust, so if you happen to own one, please leave a review below, and link to your video so we can share it with our readers.

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