MSS Coilovers for the S550 Ford Mustang

MSS Automotive has released the Sports Fully Adjustable Kit for the 2015+ Ford Mustang (S550)! Providing springs for the performance aftermarket has been one of the catalysts for the growth in MSS Automotive. An extensive product range with significant brand development annually combined with unique springs technology sets the company apart as the innovator in the industry.

The company’s uniqueness is the ability to utilize dual-stacked and triple rated springs coupled with adjuster ‘IP’ to provide two critical requirements for any performance vehicle. When in urban surroundings or en route to the race track, the car provides great comfort and support. When on track, the responsiveness and performance of the vehicle is like no other.


  • Superior Performance, Enhanced Safety, and Unparalleled Comfort
  • Made in England

Application: 2015+ Ford Mustang (S550)

Part Number: 02aFMCMR, MSS 15-21 Ford Mustang Gen6 Sports Full Adjustable Kit

MAP: $1,299.99

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