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Rev9 Nissan Kicks Coilovers


Nissan Kicks Coilovers by Rev9

Nissan Kicks Coilovers by Rev9

Nissan has been working on attracting younger buyers and buyers who are looking for a good value. The Nissan Kicks has been a popular choice for those enthusiasts who want to have a good modification platform, but don’t want to buy something used and want to stay on a budget. Starting at under $20,000, the Nissan Kicks has been growing in popularity, and the aftermarket is taking notice.

The base of any aftermarket performance plan is suspension upgrades. Rev9 has just come out with their version of an adjustable height and adjustable dampening suspension, called the Rev9 Hyper Street 2 Coilovers, which are a direct replacement for your shocks and springs. With these Nissan Kicks coilovers, you get adjustable height range, which will give you a minimum drop of about an inch to a max drop of about 3 inches. You can adjust the coilovers anywhere in between.

Next, you have 32 way adjustable valving. Turn the coilovers all the way soft and your Nissan Kicks will ride softer than stock. Turn the coilovers all the way firm to give your Nissan Kicks a firm performance oriented ride. Giving you the ability to adjust the stance, height and dampening is a very popular choice to those who want to dial in their suspension just how they like it.


  • Full Steel Alloy Constructions With Aluminum Hardware
  • Mono-Tube Shocks Provide  Larger Capacity of Oil And Gas
  • 32 Clicks of Rebound Force Adjustment
  • Full Length Adjustment – Lowers The Car Without Ruining Spring Tension
  • Independent Spring Tension – Custom Stiffness Without Change Ride Height

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Rev9 Nissan Kicks Coilovers Reviews

Do you have these coilovers? We would love to hear form you. How is the ride? How is the quality? Please leave your review in the comments below.

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