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The best Miata NA exhaust? Yonaka Motorsports thinks so!

The best Miata NA exhaust? Yonaka Motorsports thinks so!

On a car like the Mazda Miata, a good exhaust system is very important. Since the car is a convertible, you hear much more of the exhaust than you would on a normal hard top car. You don’t want something that drones, is too loud, rattles or has any other issues that would make your top down driving experience unpleasant. Yonaka agrees with this and has released one of what I consider to be the best exhaust systems on the market for the Mazda Miata NA.

Starting with the Yonaka muffler, the exhaust is designed to give you more exhaust flow than stock but not to blow your ear drums out while doing it. The exhaust has much more flow over stock and does so while producing an aftermarket sound that’s louder than stock but not raspy or buzzy and produces little to no drone.

The exhaust has 2.5″ OD stainless steel piping and a discreet 3.5″ exhaust tip. The piping on this exhaust isn’t the biggest, and if you have a big power car that needs a 3″ exhaust, this one won’t be for you. But if you have a Miata making under 400whp, this 2.5″ exhaust will be plenty for you. You might be leaving a few horsepower on the table over a 3″ exhaust, but what you gain in sound and refinement will be worth it over losing a few ponies.

The exhaust is a direct bolt on to OEM unless if you have a 96 or 97 Miata NA. In these two years, you would need to add an extra o2 sensor bung to the piping which can be very cheap and easy to do. Otherwise, install and go!


We’d love to hear from you! Do you have the Yonaka exhaust on your Miata NA? How do you like it? Do you agree with my assessment on it’s sound and performance? Leave your comments below.

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