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Honda Accord Air Suspension Godspeed


Cheap Honda Accord Air Suspension by Godspeed Just Released

Cheap Honda Accord Air Suspension by Godspeed Just Released

And just like that, owners of the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Honda Accord can now get air suspension for their cars on the cheap – only $1188. Godspeed Project just released their all new air suspension kit called the Godspeed Mono-Air that is aimed directly at the lower end market, and those who want something low priced without all the bells and whistles. Let’s dive deeper into this new Accord Air Suspension kit.

Godspeed Project says:

Godspeed Project’s Mono-AIR Strut Kit includes both front and rear struts that works with most air management system out in the market. Mono-AIR features mono-tube shock with 32 stages of rebound damping adjustments that allows you to control suspension return to proper position rapidly or slowly depends on driving condition. High quality rubber air bags are used in replace of springs that allows easy ride height adjustment, stainless steel fittings included. Due to the importance of rubber air bag role in the suspensions kit, high quality rubber material are used to withstand from drying out and cracking result in longer life when compared to cheap rubber material. Godspeed air struts are designed to be easy installation that should requires no modifications to your car or parts.


  • Monotube Shock With Anodized Finish Shock Body
  • 32 Levels Of Rebound Damping Settings
  • High Quality Rubber Air Bags With Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Aluminum And Carbon Steel Hardware
  • 52 MM Shock Body For Thick Performance Piston
  • Race Spec Shock Oil With High Viscosity Index
  • Factory Style Mounting For Simple Bolt On Installation
  • Works With Most Air Management Systems On The Market(Sold Separately)


  • 2 X Front Air Struts Assemblies
  • 2 X Rear Air Struts Assemblies
  • Tool Kit Including Spanner Wrenches And Damping Adjustment Knobs

So while this kit is currently priced at $1188 shipped, you do need to know that it does not come with air management. You do need some kind of air management system that is the “brain” in the air suspension system, which allows the air bags to fill with air to raise the car, and to release air to lower the car. Godspeed Project says you can use just about any air management system on the market with this kit.

Essentially, this kit includes the “hardware” and not the “software”. So you can’t buy this kit, bolt it on and be good to go. You need the air compressor, air management, and everything else that goes with it. We suggest a good system such as Air Lift.


Do you have this Honda Accord Godspeed Air Suspension system? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Let us know what management and compressor you’re running and how you like it. Leave your review below.

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