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Lexus ES300 Coilovers from Megan Racing (13-17) Features Review

Lexus ES300 Coilovers from Megan Racing (13-17) Features Review

Let’s be real. People don’t buy the Lexus ES300 to go racing, people buy the ES300 to have a nice place to sit during their commute. With the ES300 being a VERY nice place to sit, yet looking a bit bland, companies such as Megan Racing are slowly starting to release performance modifications such as coilovers to allow you to modify the ES300 into something more fun to drive. Dare we say it – a reliable, comfortable AND fun Lexus? Let’s take a look.

Just released are Megan Racing Lexus ES300 coilovers that fit the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 models… all variants including the Hybrid. This is one of the first coilover kits ont he market that not only lets you set your desired ride height, but also preserves much of the ride quality you bought your ES300 for in the first place.

Megan Racing kept the spring rates on these coilovers to a minimum, at 6 kg front and 3.7 kg rear, ensuring the springs won’t be too stiff. In addition, you have 32 way adjustable dampers that you can set from super soft to super firm, depending on how you like the ride to be. If you are going to have a heavy aftermarket stereo in your car with amps and subwoofers, you might want to crank the stiffness up to keep the car from sagging too much in the rear. Or if you have a lot of people in your car, you can fine tune the ride to your style.

In addition, these coilovers come with Megan Racing camber plates on the front, which allow you to set your camber how you want, which is especially helpful when you have different wheels and tires and might need to ensure they fit under the fenders.

Specifications and Features

  • Spring Rate Front: 6kgf/mm
  • Spring Rate Rear: 3.7kgf/mm
  • Internal Construction: Monotube
  • Damping Force Adjustability: 32-way Compression & Rebound Simultaneous
  • Full Length Adjustability
  • Camber Adjustable Pillowball Front Top Mounts
  • Rear OE Shock Mount Must Be Re-Used
  • 1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects


If you have Megan Racing Coilovers on your Lexus ES300, please leave your review in the comments below. Tell our readers about the quality, ride, and performance that you do or do not like. We’d love to hear from you!

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